Monday, April 12, 2010

Two years later...

Wow! I can't believe it has been two years since my last post! A lot of big events have happened since April 2008 and I've come back many times wanting to write about them but haven't been able to find the right words. Perhaps that is a sign that I should shut this thing down for good but, for now, I will update in point form.

  • The move to Calgary went well aside from the crazy ice storm we drove through.
  • A. and I got married on August 30, 2008 in my Mom and Step-Dad's backyard and it was awesome. Unfortunately, it rained but it held off long enough for us to have the ceremony in the yard.
  • After the wedding we took a minimoon to Kimberley, BC and then a 7-day Western Caribbean cruise. Both were fantastic and on the cruise we fell in love with Isla Roatan, Honduras. Hopefully we can go back one day.
  • In November 2008 we bought a two bedroom condo in SE Calgary. We were very excited to finally have a guest room but about one week later we found out that the guest room would actually be a nursery because I was pregnant!
  • Our precious baby girl M. was born on July 13th, 2009 and has been filling our lives with joy and delight since then! I am reallllly not looking forward to the day I have to return to work.

That brings us up to date. You'd think we'd be perfectly happy with life as it is but, if you know us, you know that's never the case. :)

After living in our condo with an infant for nine months we decided that our place is way too small for our growing family so we've decided to build! We are staying in the same community because we like the amenities and we have friends here so it won't be a hard move. It has been an incredibly fun process so far - I've always wanted to design and decorate my own home - and we get excited every time there is a change to our lot. We should be moving in October.

As for this summer, it should be a little less hectic than the last two. We are planning on taking a two week road-trip, M.'s first, out to BC to visit friends and taste wine. I can't wait!