Monday, April 10, 2006

Calling all drivers

At some point in the maybe not-so-distant future, A. and I may buy a car. We went to the Vancouver International Auto Show this past weekend and saw a lot that we liked (not that we can necessarily afford mind you) which gave us a good idea of what we will be looking for. As part of my research I like getting the opinions of people who have actually driven the vehicles we are interested in. So, what have you driven in the past and really liked? What would you never purchase? Any tips? The cars we are thinking of at the moment are the Honda Civic and the Volkswagen Golf (most likely used for both.) I'm also trying to toss in the Toyota Corrola because I'm a big Toyota fan.

So tell me what you like and dislike. Go...


  1. CHEVY! You know I am not a fan of the smaller cars but some midsize I like are the Sebring, Charger, and Pontiac G6. My sis and Jer have been really enjoying their Civic (2003) but say it is too small. Did you see the new Bel Air at the show?

  2. Of course what is really important is colour...and I don't even see a mention of that in your post. Geez. How do you expect people to help you when you don't even know what you are looking for :-p

    My vote is for the Golf. I hear that is what the cool kids are all driving these days.

  3. I used to drive a golf, it was nice, but fell apart relatively quickly. If you do go for the golf, I recommend the TDI, there's lots of good options to going to "green fuel" with diesel cars for about $1000 in conversions.
    I currently drive a 2005 Toyota Echo. It's the bees knees. I drove from BC to Quebec in it in 3 days and it's absolutely awesome. I love the Toyota, it's wicked on gas, and you can get any Toyota in a hybrid...