Friday, October 06, 2006

Leaves changing in autumn blues

Do you ever get that feeling, as the seasons change, of an overwhelming sense of blah? Like nothing seems to be going your way and you're not sure it ever will? I've been feeling a little like that lately - work is blah, the condo is blah and I've been bored and antsy. One day I'll be excited that we are going to be getting a new custom made closet and the next day I'll be having an anxiety attack over the amount of money A. has shelled out and how much we still have to pay for.

Every time I go over to the condo I just get frustrated at the lack of work done and at how dirty everything is. Trying to deal with Meloche and get them to send us a cheque has been one of the most frustrating experiences of my life. I've worked at an insurance company before and know that sometimes things take awhile but when it's been a MONTH and there hasn't been any action I have to wonder what kind of people they have working over there. I realize that my $18 a month policy is but a tiny fraction of their book but I have sent a lot of business their way and have had policies with them for the past 8 years. You'd think customer loyalty would be rewarded but apparently not.

On top of it all, I really want to go away with A. but we can't afford to go anywhere. We can't afford to visit either of our families and for the first time ever, Christmas will be spent in Vancouver on our own.

I make it sound as if all of this is the end of the world when in reality I'm just having a pity party for one.

What are your coping strategies for the fall blues? Any suggestions for exciting things to do on the cheap?


  1. Courtney,

    A long walk in the park to look at the changing leaves, followed by a cheese fondue and gluwine is lots of fun. A. knows what that is, just use a pot that won't stain. Psst! It's red wine heated with a cinnamon stick. Guaranteed to cure some of the blues anyway. Just make sure to use the real swiss fondue cheese, its loaded with a great white wine!!!

    A.'s mom

  2. Hopefully this will be some happy news for your christmas. Myself, my soon to be wife (363 days to go), mom , sister and Sister's boyfriend will all be out there. I would definetely go for that gluwine stuff, that sounds excellent. Also on your walk take your camera and post some shots from around town on your blog. Cheap and entertaining.