Friday, March 30, 2007

Designing dilemma

Calling all home decorators - I have an issue.

We have decided that we want to inject a little bit of spice into our condo in the form of new throw pillows for the couch. Here's the problem - up until now I have stuck to a colour palette of yellow, gold, blue and brown because the space is so small and I didn't want it to look all crazy. Now, however, I am sick of the gold and beige coloured throw pillows that basically blend into the beige couch.

I bought a rug that I LOVE in Afghanistan that has some dark fuschia, brown, green and yellow in it. I was thinking of perhaps going with fuschia or red and brown but now I'm not sure.

The duvet cover is a light blue, the wall that the couch is on is a goldy yellow and the fireplace surround across from the couch is brown.

Here is a picture of the offending couch.



  1. Could I harass you for pictures of the rug? Is it an area rug? Where do you plan on putting it?

  2. The rug is the one in the picture that is under the coffee table.

  3. i think some pillow covers from IKEA that have a blend of green/blues or just lime green might look nice for spring. i can find the pic and send it to you.

  4. after realizing that the rug is under your table then i would with browns...or possibly a blend of colours.

    buy some from IKEA, experiment. bring them home and pick the one that works, buy another one and return the rest...


  5. courtney

    navy blue will go with anything, as u know from your visit and its not one of those fad colors. nice and solid
    ps love the room

  6. I saw pull the red/pink up from the couch if you're looking for spice. Slip cover's are the easiest thing on the planet to sew. Seriously even I can do it. Just go look for fun fabric and start stuffin'