Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Joy, peace and love

If you read any of the more popular personal blogs out there you'll know that there are a ton of inspiring people out there doing amazing things.  Today I am beyond inspired by the generosity and spirit of Jenny aka The Bloggess. Today on her blog she offered up $30 Amazon gift cards to the first 20 commenters who were in need. She also put the call out to other bloggers feeling fortunate this holiday season to help in any way they can.

I've had a pretty good year. Sure, we have financial worries like anyone but my husband and I are lucky enough to own a home and have a healthy family. I donate to charities I care about and take canned goods to the food bank but there is honestly nothing I love more than making someone happy.

So here's what I'm going to do. Leave me a comment telling me how a $25 gift card from Chapters (limited to Canadians) could make a difference to your family this holiday season and I'll use tomorrow evening to pick a winner. If you feel that you don't need the gift card but know someone who does, nominate them instead! Or, if you win and you'd rather have the money go to charity, let me know who you'd like the $25 to benefit and I'll donate it in your name. I really wish I could offer more than one gift card but we all do what we can. The only thing I'm hoping to gain from this is making someone smile and to make their Christmas a little brighter.

And if you are feeling particularly inspired this Christmas, spread the joy!

UPDATE: Congratulations to Emma! I've made a $25 donation to the Winnipeg Christmas Cheer Board in her name.


  1. This is so generous of you! Although we have everything we need, if I win this draw, I will pass the gift card along to the Winnipeg Christmas Cheer Board, which makes the holidays a little brighter for local families in need.