Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Vancouver dreaming

A's cousin called last night asking for Vancouver hotel and restaurant recommendations - he and his wife are going to be there for 3 days while the wife interviews for her medical residency. As I was writing the email, recalling all of our favourite places, it was brought back to me just how much I love that city. It was the first place I truly forged out on my own and built a life for myself. It was the first place that A. & I lived together and it was the first place A. & I left together. I doubt we will ever live there again, real estate prices being what they are, but we will return again and again to visit. How could you not love a city this beautiful?

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The Lion's Den Cafe - our favourite local breakfast spot.


  1. I love and miss it too. I would move back if I could find a decent job, since I have no real inclination to become a home owner.

    That said, I'm really, really happy here and I love Edmonton. My life here is so good, I have many friends, writing opportunities keep cropping up and I have no plans to leave it right now.

    I also love the sun!!! DOn't miss the rain at all.

  2. There are definitely days I miss it, too! (I'll admit it, often in the dead of Winnipeg winter.) Not so much the beach, but being able to walk three minutes and be at the beach. The inexpensive fresh flowers and the green grocers. The magnolia trees. But I guess, like you, mostly the memories :)