Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rawr! I'm a turtle!

I have been woefully inactive here in recent months. I said at the new year that I wasn't going to try so hard to "be a blogger" and then just kind of gave up. I have thought about what to post and have certainly been inspired by people on t'internet but it always seemed like a lot of effort to come over here and write something. I certainly haven't been totally absent from the social media world. I've been Tweeting and Pinning to my heart's content. In lieu of a long post, here are some of my favourite things I've come across on Pinterest recently.

I really want to make something similar for M's birthday but I'm having trouble finding a suitable night stand.

I can't find this on Old Navy Canada sadly.

Hopefully summer will arrive in the Canadian prairies soon and we can go do some camping close to home. :)

Have you come across anything wonderful lately?

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