Thursday, January 26, 2012

Washi tape manicure

One thing that I like to do weekly is paint my nails. Setting that time aside allows me an hour every week where I can just relax and do nothing while I literally wait for paint to dry. Usually I just pick one colour and go for it - changing it up based on season or mood. Lately though I've been intrigued by all the fun manicures on Pinterest and then, inspired by Kyla's post on washi tape manicures, I thought I'd give it a try.

I'm going to warn you right now - I don't have the steadiest hand so yes, I have nail polish on my cuticles. And speaking of cuticles, yikes! Disgraceful I know - picking them is a bad habit that I need to break.

Last week I tried out a manicure that starts with a tan base-coat (in this case San Tan-Tonio by OPI) and then adds fun pastely neon tips {Pinterest inspiration found here}. I chose a variety of colours from several different brands (from left to right: Revlon, Joe Fresh, Essie, Wet N Wild and Sally Hansen).


This week I went with a two-toned look (with sparkles!) and I'm loving it. I used two colours by Joe Fresh - teal and hunter - and I'm surprised by the quality. Each bottle is only $4 and two coats gave me just as much coverage as some of the more expensive brands. The sparkle polish is from Nicole by OPI. {See the original inspiration on Pinterest.}

Washi tape manicure

Even if you are an amateur manicurist (like me!) I urge you to try a washi tape manicure. Super easy, super fun, and best of all, M. loves it. She always strokes my nails and says, "I like your polish nails, Mommy!" Can it get better than that?

Have you given yourself a fun manicure?

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