Friday, September 14, 2012


Ok, I'm going to get all mushy for a bit and gush about my husband. I'm also going to admit that I'm a giant jerk and I'm proclaiming it to the world (or the three people who read this blog). And here's why...

August 30th was our fourth anniversary. We generally don't go crazy with anniversary gifts and if you asked me what the traditional presents are for 4 years, I'd have no idea. This year I got A. the 2nd season of Walking Dead on Blu-Ray because it was something he'd specifically mentioned wanting. He seemed happy with it and we went on our merry way. He did say that I'd have to wait until September 8th to receive my gift because it was "on its way." No problem.

September 6th rolls around and he says he needs to take M. to the mall to "pick something up." When they get home, M. presents me with a box and says, "we got you a necklace!!" (Girl can't keep a secret.) And this is when it all went to pot.

I opened the box and see what looks like a black dog-tag on a simple chain. Fairly unremarkable but I could see there were some small characters engraved on the face. A. explained their meaning and I proclaimed it "nice." Ouch, right?

Want to know what the engraving is? Those two lines are the longitude and latitude of the place, the EXACT spot, where we met 7 years ago - Camp Julien in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Since that night, I have worn this every single day and every day I think about how I should have been more grateful and excited. So, here's me, hanging my head in shame and shouting my thanks to the world. I love you A!!

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