Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Movin' on up

I can't believe that Christmas is on Sunday! How did the month pass so quickly and why aren't I finished shopping yet? I think this is unprecedented - I usually have all gifts bought and ready to go by the end of November but then again, my year has been slightly different than years past. One thing I am really looking forward to is getting home to Calgary and seeing all of my friends and family. A. is also coming out for a week to visit so that will be fun as well.

I just got back after spending a lovely four days in Kingston with A. I was afraid I was going to get stuck in Toronto on Thursday night because a huge snow storm moved in and they were cancelling most regional flights. Thankfully, after an hour delay we were off the runway and landed in Kingston with no problems. We didn't do a whole lot on the weekend but I had a great time. We even played Trivial Pursuit with his parents where I kicked some ass. I feel a rematch coming on in Calgary...

My month unemployed in Vancouver has been pretty uneventful. Mostly I've stuck close to home and done a lot of relaxing (aka. being lazy.) I did however, go to an interview for a higher position in my department at the library and was offered it the next day so when I go back in January I will now be a supervisor. That's a little scary but I'm sure after an adjustment period I'll be okay. I also like that now my title is actually Library Technician and not just Library Assistant. Woohoo, moving up in the world.

I do have a question for the few people that read this blog - what kind of gift can you get for a younger sister who will shortly be moving into her own apartment? I need something cool but small enough to lug onto the plane (and doesn't necessarily have to be home related.) Usually I don't have any problems buying Brooke a gift but this year I am completely stuck.

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  1. I would get her something really great to hang on her wall. It took me years to get something to hang up on my walls that wasn't stuck up with mactac. When you get to Calgary Prints Charming is having a good sale.

    And Calgary? Do you have time to meet for a quick coffee? If not I totally understand!