Sunday, May 23, 2010

I'm loving...

The simple, classic styling of the Marshmallow Fluff jars.

Also, Fluff and cream cheese makes an AWESOME fruit dip!

This roasted cherry tomato tart.

I changed it a bit by spreading goat cheese on the crust before I added the tomatoes and I forgot to add the basil the first time. When we reheated the rest I added fresh basil and some cooked turkey bacon. YUM!

My little container garden. I've already snipped some chives for baked potatoes and I can't wait to make the tomato tart again when I've grown my own cherry tomatoes.

And last, but certainly not least, my darling baby girl. She really does light up my life!!


  1. I hadn't noticed that marshmallow fluff design---it takes me back to the 50's! Also, I don't even like tomatoes, but that tart looks gorgeous! And you had me at goat cheese and turkey bacon. Of course, your daughter is adorable, too. What a cheery post!

  2. Roasted tomato tart? With goat cheese?!


    Good lord, I hope you enjoyed that!

  3. It was good! Better the second time around with basil and turkey bacon.

    You should both try it!