Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thai Chicken Pizza

So, in order to generate more content, I decided to take pictures and post the recipe for one of A's favourite dinners. As you will see, I need to practice taking pictures for recipes, but here is what I have. :)

Thai Chicken Pizza

This is adapted from a pizza served in a Vancouver restaurant. Emma and Laurel first introduced me to it and I have since adopted it as my own.

What you need:
- Chicken, diced (My rule of thumb is approx. 1/2 breast per person. 2 breasts is enough for 4 pita bread rounds. If I'm making a big pizza, I'll try to use three breasts. We like a lot of chicken. I usually use fresh chicken breasts but I was lazy this time and used the pre-cooked chicken. I really like the Grillhouse strips.)
- Peanut sauce (I use Asian Family Satay Peanut Sauce, it's nice and spicy.)
- Peanut butter (Optional. A. likes it mixed with the peanut sauce for the base.)
- Mozzarella (Fresh is best.)
- Bell pepper (Whichever colour you like.)
- Bean sprouts
- Cilantro
- Pizza crust (I like the recipe for basic pizza crust from The Pioneer Woman.) or whole wheat pita shells
- Sheet pan aka cookie sheet
- Olive oil
- Kosher or sea salt
- Sriracha (Optional. This is a HOT chili sauce. Use sparingly! Unless you want to sear off all of your taste buds.)

What to do:
1. Preheat over to 375 degrees F.
2. Make your crust ahead of time or use a store bought crust. We also use whole wheat pita bread for individual pizzas.
3. Cook your chicken and toss with some of the peanut sauce.

4. Drizzle some olive oil onto your sheet pan and spread around. Roll or stretch out your dough and put on pan. Lightly sprinkle some salt on the dough.
5. Slather your peanut sauce/peanut butter concoction on the dough as your base.

6. Put your mozza on top of the sauce base.

7. Toss on your bell pepper, bean sprouts and cooked chicken. Finally top off with your chopped cilantro.
8. Put in your preheated oven and bake for 15-17 minutes until the crust is golden brown.

9. Drizzle on the Sriracha and enjoy! Have a cold drink handy.

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  1. Yea!! This is one pizza I will never get tired of... everyone loves it! I only do one thing differently - I use marinated artichoke hearts instead of bean sprouts.

    I agree that Asian Family peanut sauce is the best... other peanut sauces don't even come close. My sister showed me how to make a quick sauce with peanut butter and coconut milk and I've found that also works in a pinch.

    The best thing about the pizza, though, is the memories it always brings back. Good times!