Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday finds ...go, go kitchen gadgets...

I recently discovered the wonderful invention known as the French butter keeper or butter bell.  How did I not know this existed before? We keep a small amount of butter in a dish in the pantry but even at room temperature, it's not soft enough to spread easily. I think the butter bell will solve all of my hard butter woes.  Here are some other gadgets that I find indispensable in the kitchen.
...go, go kitchen gadgets...
| 1. |
 | 2. | I love that these vintage Pyrex mixing bowls have a little pouring spout. Makes life much easier!
 | 3. | This Kuhn Rikon serrated tomato knife is AWESOME. I found mine at Winner's in hot pink and I use it everyday. Their non-stick paring knives are also fantastic.
4. | I make a lot of soups and my immersion blender is my best friend. There are others with more attachments but this little guy will do exactly what you need it to do.
 | 5. | A good fine grater (Microplane or generic) will make you wonder why you ever tried using a box grater for citrus zest and ginger.


  1. I think my mom once owned those blue vintage bowls! They look VERY familiar from my childhood!

  2. Love the attachments for the immersion blender. I have a chopping bowl attachment that makes an awesome olive spread.