Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Real estate stalking : Eagle Ridge

Even though I've lived in Calgary since the early 90s (minus 5 years in Vancouver and 6 months in Afghanistan), I sometimes forget that little enclaves like Eagle Ridge exist.  Eagle Ridge is easy to miss. The only access is a little side road near the Rockyview General Hospital and the houses are on the far side of expensive. Luxurious and opulent are two words that could easily describe Eagle Ridge. That being said, it's always nice to dream and looking at a house like the one below on a sunny day, you could easily believe you were in Beverly Hills.

So, do you have $4,875,000 to spend? Then this 6000 sq. ft. stunner is for you.
Check out the crown light fixture!

I just wish that the realtor had uploaded higher res images. They are quite blurry in the large size.

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