Thursday, March 03, 2016

Free Printable Budget Forms

We have decided that 2016 is to be the year of getting our financial shit in order. No more of this, "where the hell did all of our money go?" No more $60 dinners every Friday. No more buying lunch during the week. And no more internet shopping. THAT MEANS YOU, COURTNEY. :(
My sister is getting married in Scotland (!!!) in October so we have that to save for. We'd like to travel more anyway and possibly purchase a cottage at a lake in Central Alberta. Also, our century home needs repairs and renovations. We have many, many plans and not many, many dollars. Yet.
There are tons of free templates and forms out there already but none that really fit our needs so, I made my own. Super simple, fairly generic, and available for you to print on your own! Yay! Also, if you have Adobe Professional, you can edit the text to suit your needs. (Tools, Edit Document Text)
I printed off 12 of each, along with the Family Finances sheet from Wondermom Wannabe and 12 each of the Monthly Calendar and Monthly Bill Payment Checklist from I Should Be Mopping the Floor, and put them all in a binder. I got some monthly tab dividers to separate each month and now we have a cute little binder and a little more peace of mind.
NOTE: I took cues and ideas from each of the blogs mentioned above to create my own, comprehensive budget and expense tracker.
So, how did I set up my binder?
  • Cover (Duh.)
  • Family Finances sheets x 2 - one for assets, one for debts (I edited her form to suit our purposes)
  • Each month consists of:
  • Two extra tabs at the back:
As bills come in each month, I will not only be entering them in the bill payment checklist but also hole punching them and including them in the binder so that nothing gets missed.

Click on each photo to open the printable PDF.

Let me know if these printables are useful for you!

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