Friday, May 05, 2006

Attacking the exercise front

A. and I went to Canadian Tire after dinner last night because I had decided that I wanted to buy a bike with part of my tax refund. I tested a few out, rode up and down the aisles and realized it has been a VERY long time since I've been on a bike - so long that the 16 year old sales boy asked me if I wanted training wheels. Har har. I found one that I liked (mainly for it's pretty robin's egg blue colour) but decided to give it some more thought. Since returning from Afghanistan I've had a hard time justifying spending money. I find that I go shopping with the idea that I want to buy things and half the time I end up talking myself out of it. My reasoning this time was that, although I liked the bike, it was $300 and what if I don't end up using it as much as I should? Then I will have spent $300 and I'd be unhappy with the purchase. So wait it is. If I decide to get a bike I'm thinking I should just go for the $99 Canadian Tire special. We shall see.

After looking at bikes A. tried on some hockey-style rollerblades and zipped around the store. The boy is crazy but seems pretty stable even without the handy brake on the back. He decided not to get them though because his mom had mailed his out from Ontario and they arrived the other day. Probably a good idea to give the old ones a try.

Finally, we stopped in the camping section and checked out tents and sleeping bags. We'd really like to go camping at some point this summer but, not owning any equipment, it will be quite the investment to get everything we'd need. Plus, we have different ideas of what camping is. I'm all for the "load everything you'd need to survive for a week into the back of the car and back the car into the spot" style while A. is more of a "whatever we can strap to our backs and carry 5 km to the site" camper. It's proving to be a bit of a hurdle as neither of us is willing, so far, to try the other's style.

On the topic of camping, does anyone know of any good spots in the Lower Mainland, be it drive-in or hike-in? A. would really like something on a lake so that we can go swimming but I'm thinking that's something we'd have to go to the Interior for.


  1. Good for you both. J and I have started running. I bet some of the ride you can go on, there will be some great scenery. Don't forget your camera!

  2. There's got to be somewhere around town that might let you rent camping equipment. I will ask my roommate about that. I wonder if you can rent from the MEC co-op?

    B* hates camping. Our deal is that I don't have to play team sports (Ultimate Frisbee) and he does not have to camp, ever.