Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Book 12

I finally gave in and read The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown despite telling everyone that I never would. The movie is coming out soon, as you all know, and A. said he was taking me to see it whether I liked it or not (well, maybe not those exact words.) I figured if I had to see the movie I might as well read the book and I admit it - I actually liked it. Yes, Brown is obviously a big fan of the thesaurus but the story was interesting and I definitely didn't see the ending coming. I still don't know if Tom Hanks was the right choice to play Robert Langdon but I guess I'll leave that judgement until I see the movie.

Speaking of movies, A. and I have started to make a habit of going to the movies on Friday nights and last weeks pick was Stick It starring Jeff Bridges, Missy Peregrym, and Vanessa Lengies. It was supposed to be like Bring It On with gymnastics and while the comparison is appropriate, “Bring It On” is still the superior movie. “Stick It” was funny and showed some brutal gymnastics mishaps and I’d definitely recommend seeing it, either in theatres or when it comes out on DVD.

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  1. The Da Vinci Code is still sitting unread in my bookcase. Must get around to it.

    I'd love to join you two on a movie night, because I'd like to see you and meet A.