Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Training: Week Two

I’m halfway into week two of training and feeling pretty good about it. I haven’t noticed any changes yet but Dan said it will probably take a few weeks. Saturday we went for our first run and it sucked. I was tired from the Run for Light which was the night before and didn’t have a lot of energy in me. Monday the nutritionist came and asked me questions about what I eat, what I crave, hate, etc. She also looked in the fridge and cupboards and said that overall she was pretty impressed by the food we eat. Our problem is portion control and hopefully with the personalized 30 day meal plan she is developing we’ll be able to fix that problem. Then Dan showed up and we did the regular strength training and he really made me work hard. We incorporated some exercises using a big exercise ball and did a lot of ab work. By the time he left I wasn’t feeling too hot and was certain that I was going to end up throwing up. Thankfully, after I soaked in the tub for a bit and A. got some food into me I felt much better. Yesterday we went running again and it was much better than Saturday. We went to a track at a nearby school and did laps. Ran for approximately 2mins, walked 1min times 6. It was harder than I remembered it being last year but at least I managed to finish. After that we did some sprinting exercises where we jogged a bit and sprinted for 10 meters times 10. That was a lot harder than I expected. Even if I end up not losing a ton of weight/inches I’ll be happy with getting more muscle definition and generally toning up. 4.5 more weeks to go!

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