Thursday, June 08, 2006

Training: Abs, abs, and oh yeah, more abs

So last night’s training session was particularly brutal although, surprisingly, today I feel pretty good. Dan came over at 6pm and immediately told me I wasn’t going to like that day’s session. I asked why not and he told me it was because we were going to be doing 1000! sit-ups. I thought he was joking but it turns out he wasn’t. So, for the next 45 minutes we did various different ab exercises. I thought I was doing pretty well but at around 700 my legs were burning and my muscles were exhausted. I made it through though and I’m pretty proud of myself. Frankly I’d rather be doing 1000 sit-ups than going running but I don’t think that will fly with Dan.

One of the only bad things I’ve discovered so far is that I had set my expectations way too high. It’s now been three weeks and while I think I’m getting stronger, I haven’t noticed any outward changes. I think I look pretty much the same as when I started which is a little disappointing. I know I shouldn’t have expected to become lean overnight but I had all these visions of losing 3 dress sizes and having my after picture be like one you see on those diet commercials. Before was saggy and schlubby and I wanted the after to be hot and ripped. Somehow, I doubt I’m going to achieve that in six weeks but I’m going to continue to work hard at it.


  1. Those diet commercials are totally unrealistic! You two could lose 5 dress sizes if you took enough speed and starved yourself to the point of exhaustion!

    I'm super proud of you for even starting this experience. It's more guts then I have.

  2. Courtney,

    Kudos to you and the situps. I give you credit girl! And I know A is proud of you.
    I manage to do about 10/day, 100 if I feel particularly guilty! I'll never be slim and trim, but someone has to be BIG, BOLD and BEAUTIFUL and INTELLIGENT TO BOOT!