Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I got it!

This is all taken from livejournal and reposted here.


Now, back to the phone call and my cryptic LJ entry from Friday. One of our SAIT classmates is working in Afghanistan at Camp Julien and she sends us periodic emails with updates on her life and travels. I've always thought it sounded really exciting so I told her if she heard of anything to let me know. Well, she did. I emailed her my resume and Friday morning I received a phone call from a recruiter in Kingston, ON. He basically told me about the job and told me that the people from Afghanistan would want to do a phone interview early in the week. If everything went well I could be in Kingston on Monday June 6th for training. I had my phone interview at 6:30 this morning (there's an 11 1/2 hour time difference) and hopefully I should hear something by tomorrow. I think the interview went well and they were only interviewing two other people so we'll see. It's for a six month contract and I'd be leaving within the month. I'm very excited about this amazing opportunity and I REALLY hope I get the job. Sarah said that her time spent in Kabul has been the most incredible of her life and I'd love to get the chance to experience it. So, I could really use any good thoughts you have to spare. And, if I do get it I'll probably be looking for someone to sublet my fully furnished condo for six months. So if you know of someone...


I got the job!!! They called me 10 minutes ago and offered the position of LPO clerk at Camp Julien in Kabul, Afghanistan. I leave on Monday for Kingston, ON for training for a week and then it's back here to finish work and tie up loose ends.

Holy crap, I can't believe I am actually moving to Asia for 6 months.