Saturday, June 04, 2005

Let the fun begin

So things around here have been pretty crazy the last few days. Ever since I accepted the offer I have been running around trying to finish everything in two days instead of the weeks that people normally have. I've sorted everything with the college, gone for my immunizations (my arm still hurts!), had extra passport photos taken, and been certified criminal record free. I've purchased a few things that I will need to take with me but I still need to buy sheets and other essentials as well as figure out how I am going to stuff a pillow into my duffle bag without sacrificing any clothing. Gah!

Tomorrow I will have to pack for my week in Kingston and then when I return to Vancouver I will still have another week to finish work and get everything ready to leave for Afghanistan. Plus, there are friends to see and drinks to be had. A lot to fit into a week.

On top of everything else, I have had the same headache since last weekend. It comes and goes but it's getting pretty annoying. I'm fairly certain it's stress but I guess I'll have to wait and see.

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes - it really means a lot.


Oh, and does anyone know if I can upload my photos without using the Canon software? When I am in Afghanistan I want to be able to share pictures I take but I won't be able to install software on the computer. Can I just upload straight to Flickr?


  1. Hey Coco,

    Do you have an address yet where we can send you stuff in Afghanistan?

  2. Can we go for drinks before you leave? I'd love to see you and hear more about the job.