Thursday, June 16, 2005


I got my itinerary today and it turns out that I'm not actually leaving until next Thursday the 23rd. This is good because it gives me more time to get things sorted at home, pack and see friends but I was basically ready to go and now I have to wait 4 extra days. Plus, this means that I will have to buy more groceries and pay for bus fare - and I can't even work because HR has informed payroll to stop salary payments as of Monday. Grr...

I'm meeting another new employee (who I've never met) in Amsterdam and together we are flying on to Dubai. I'm really looking forward to going into Amsterdam for a few hours and seeing some sites. I'd love to be able to take a canal cruise, go to the Rijksmuseum and see Anne Frank House but I don't think that will all be possible. At the most I will probably have four hours in the city and that's being generous. When I found out which day I would be in Amsterdam I emailed Brooke and tried to convince her to fly out from London for a few days and hang out with me in the morning but unfortunately her Scotland tour coincides with me arriving. And she said it's my fault because the only reason she is going to Scotland is because I've always wanted to go there. heh. So that's too bad but I couldn't have expected her to actually be able to make it.

Hopefully the rest of the people in my PDT class that went home will be ready to fly out on Thursday because it would be nice to see Amsterdam with people I actually know. I'm sure it will all turn out well, I just have to wait another week without going crazy.

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  1. I really wanted to come too - seeing you in Amsterdam would have been great!
    I think for your 4 days off you should just relax - do some pampering. Because when is the next time you will be able to do that?

    Talk to you soon!
    AKA: Brooke