Tuesday, January 10, 2006

50 Book Challenge

My efforts at keeping track of what I read last year went a little downhill once I went overseas but I've decided to give it a go again this year. So, in the spirit of the 50 Book Challenge here is my first book of the year.

Plum Island by Nelson DeMille is the first of three books (so far) that feature the main character of John Corey. John is a NYPD homicide detective who is convelescing in Long Island after being shot. The story revolves around his involvment in a double murder investigation and his efforts to discover why two of his friends were murdered. The murdered couple worked on a top-secret government facility called Plum Island where they dealt with highly infectious diseases. John suspects there is more to the story than the official line put out by the FBI and takes matters into his own hands. It was an interesting read and Corey makes for a good main character - he's cocky and arrogant but above all, sarcastic and funny. I definitely recommend it for anyone who likes cop mysteries and is looking for a light read.


On that note, I also need some recommendations for things to read this year. They don't have to be new books just ones that you really enjoyed.

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  1. You like Carol Shields, right? You should definitely read "A Good House" by Bonnie Burnard. I have it; you can borrow it if you like!