Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Only 2.5 weeks

In another fit of spontaneity I have purchased a (very cheap) plane ticket to Toronto for the end of this month. This way A. and I can spend the weekend wandering around the city and the end of February won't seem so far away. I am very excited and can't wait until Jan. 27th.

So, everyone who has been to T.O. what should I do while I'm there?


  1. I had all sorts of ideas relating to theatres and music and what not...then I realized that you are in VANCOUVER so you aren't as hard up as some, oh say, Calgarians are.

    Enjoy your trip! I like these fits of spontaneity of yours :-)

  2. B* just saw a great exhibit at the Science Museum. The Art Gallery of Ontario and the Royal Ontario Museum are interesting. Shop on Queen Street West and go to Kensington Market.

    I haven't been to Toronto in years, but I always have a good time when I go there.

  3. H&M Need I really say more?

    Kensington Market is lots of fun and filled with great vintage clothing stores.

    If its warm enough then walks along The Beaches. Or if it's too cold then just stay in...

  4. Check out winterlicious, it's pretty good. Cheap-o food at some of the city's best restaurants. Also - lots of entertainment going on (it runs from January 27th to February 9th).