Friday, January 06, 2006

And here I always thought I was just intimidating

My good pal Day called me the other day and in the course of our conversation she mentioned this Maclean's article which states that men are generally turned off by funny women. She said it made her think of us - two attractive, intelligent and ambitious women (although admittedly she is MUCH funnier than I am) who, on the whole, have never really had very many boyfriends. I always thought that maybe we were just intimidating but apparently it comes down to something I never even considered. Who knew that having a sense of humour could be considered a bad thing? Thankfully, I seem to have found someone who is secure with his own (wacky) humour and even says mine is one of the things he finds attractive. Frankly, I would never even contemplate being with someone who didn't make me laugh and I'd hope it would work both ways. What's the point in being in a relationship that is devoid of laughter and fun? I'm glad I am able to make A. laugh (even though it's generally when I'm acting strange) and I hope that it continues. Maybe it's just the unfunny men who are turned off by funny women.


  1. *Big smiles*

    I knew you would appreciate that article!

  2. I think that men who are intimidated by funny women are probably not the kind of men I would be interested in.

    A guy tried to pick me up at work one day. I was helping him and he said that he thought I was really funny and asked me for coffee. Of course, I declined, but I was flattered.

    Humour is super important to me. I think the ability to laugh at yourself and life makes everything sweeter.