Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Home from spending the weekend in T.O. with A. and wishing I could still be there. The flight out on Friday was fairly uneventful except we flew in one of the new Westjet planes that didn't have satellite TV installed yet. Boooo. We checked into our hotel and went to the Elephant and Castle for dinner. (Does every Delta hotel have an Elephant and Castle attached to it? I noticed the Vancouver Airport Delta has one as well.) Then we went for a walk past Eaton Centre and over to Nathan Phillip Square. There were people skating and music playing and it looked really nice. Unfortunately it was cold and windy and my ears were aching from the wind so we went back to the hotel.

Saturday was spent shopping at Eaton Centre and meeting A.'s sister for lunch. We went to H&M and I was a little disappointed - all I bought was a sweater. In fact, I wasn't in much of a shopping mood (and haven't been for a while.) The weather on Saturday was gorgeous and I was very happy to spend time outside. We walked a lot and just generally enjoyed the sunshine. By the time we had to head over to Danforth for dinner it was raining but thankfully it wasn't too cold. We had a lovely meal at Lolita's Lust and then went back to the hotel so we could go up to the pool.

Sunday we woke up to a grey and miserable day. It was cold and it was pouring. Unfortunately we had planned to go to the markets as well as some other outdoor activities but there was no way we were going to spend all day out in the cold. Instead we went to a Thai restaurant for lunch and went back to the mall for a bit. We were both pretty sick of shopping (and I was cranky) so we got in the truck and went for a drive around downtown. Along with the rain it was really foggy so we couldn't even see the CN Tower. But, even with the disappointment of the day, it was really nice just to be able to spend some time together. A. had to drive home Sunday night so I spent the evening in the hotel room watching TV and getting ready to leave on Monday. We hardly saw anything we wanted to but there is plenty of time in the future for that.

Now here I am, back at work, willing February to pass as quickly as possible.

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