Friday, November 09, 2007

BCLA 2008

Today after work I have the honour of representing LTAIG at the session planning meeting for the 2008 BCLA conference. At our LTAIG committee meeting last week our executive said they'd like to see more practical sessions and, of course, more sessions geared towards library support staff. I am certainly going to try my best to represent library technicians and assistants.

So, what I'm curious about is this; what would your ultimate conference session be? It doesn't matter what field you work in as long as it's something you are passionate about.

I think mine would have to do with how students with disabilities are served in African schools. Are they able to attend school at all? Are there any services for them or are they shunned by their community members? What about students with AIDS? Would include case studies and examples from people working in schools in Africa.

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