Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Mother Mother

On Thursday night I am going with some friends to see The Most Serene Republic, Mother Mother and Dragonette. I had never heard either The Most Serene Republic or Mother Mother but thanks to CBC Radio 3's New Music Canada site, I was able to listen to some MP3s and I must say, I quite enjoy both bands.

*Edit: I couldn't figure out how to stop the mini-player from launching everytime you visit the blog so I've just included the link to the song instead.*

Here, for your listening pleasure is Neighbor by Mother Mother.

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  1. oh oh oh!!! I was at the Calgary show on Friday! It was awesome. Is Small Sins still on the bill? There are also amazing. I like Mother, Mother and Small Sins more then MSR. Also Mother Mother is a Vancouver based band you should see them as much as you can! There album was my summer soundtrack.