Saturday, November 17, 2007

Cultural Wars on Religion

Yesterday after work I attended a seminar at the college that was put on for employees by some instructors. The purpose of this seminar was to discuss and debate this new culture of attacks on religion. With plenty of books emerging (Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion for one) it seemed like a timely topic. The discussion was very interesting with both sides being debated but a lot of the concepts that were brought up were over my head. Below is a sampling of quotes from my notes as well as links for various theories that I was unfamiliar with.

Faith is a belief that is grounded on no evidence.

Memorizing religious doctrine means it will stay the same over time - paraphrasing makes it easier to change the meaning. This is why religious doctrine is purposely so vague.

The onus lies with the person making the claim to prove its existence, not with the person refuting the claim.

The ultimate proof of God's existence is to have the most grandchildren.

The Convergence of Intelligences


American Heart Journal study of the therapeutic effects that intercessory prayer has on coronary bypass patients.
NY Times article
on the study.

New Atheism

Newman's transcendence


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