Friday, November 23, 2007

Podcast Love

If you've ever read Dan Savage's column Savage Love, you know that his advice on all things sex is often crude but always funny and insightful - he definitely doesn't sugar coat things.

On the recommendation of my friend Aaron I decided to check out his podcast, or lovecast as they call it. What I found was yes, full of naughty language, but also funny, interesting and informative. Definitely a good way to spend 40 minutes at work - just make sure you plug in your headphones.

Savage Love Podcast

For something a little more family friendly but no less humourous, check out Stuart McLean's Vinyl Cafe podcast from CBC Radio.

Stuart's Vinyl Cafe show is a CBC Radio mainstay and his hilarious stories about Dave, Morley, their kids Sam and Steph, and a cast of other neighborhood characters are even funnier when listened to.


  1. Sweet! Vinyl Cafe podcast! Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Thanks! I'm all over the Savage but ever since I did a book event for Stuart and he spent the entire event staring at my chest I can't hear his voice without getting serious creeps!